Correct Sleep

Our mission is to provide global well-being by improving the quantity and quality of “deep sleep”.

The cutting-edge technology in our mattress systems will give you the ultimate rest.

Correct Sleep

Customize your sleep

One bed, 12 different options!

Our custom-fit system has 12 easy-to-create settings so that everyone can sleep happy.

With 6 personalized layers of comfort, it’s no surprise that the CorrectSleep system fits 90-95% of people.

No matter your age, size, or weight, there is a setting that is perfect for you!

Unlike other foam beds on the market, our unique mattress allows you to move pieces to customize your bed for your comfort and needs.

CorrectSleep is the ONLY foam mattress company that allows you to sleep next to your partner as you both experience your own customized feel and support.

Cover Layer

  • Waffle weave GMO-Free cotton covers the entire mattress
  • A three-sided zipper to make any adjustment in configuration easy

Comfort Topper (Layer 1 & 2)

  • Our cooling foam top layer is excellent for those who sleep hot
  • Covers the entire bed in all sizes
  • Can be flipped or placed under the mattress

Visco Layer (Layers 3 & 6)

  • High density memory foam acts as a transition between the topper and base
  • Supports the heavier parts of the body

HR Foam (Layers 4 & 5)

  • High Resiliency (HR) foam provides a strong and supportive base layer
  • Each side is customizable, allowing for the perfect firmness

What Sets Us Apart

As the foam mattress industry grows, many manufacturers have reduced their products’ quality to improve their bottom line. As doctors, we see what this has done to our patients. Less support means more pain and discomfort.



2/ `cept
  • Foam 1.8
  • Proof of Concept for 2 years
  • Will produce an odor overtime



3/ year concept
  • Foam 2.4
  • Proof of Concept for 3 years
  • Will produce an odor overtime


Our doctor-developed design uses premium materials and advanced technology to insure the deepest sleep for users. CorrectSleep mattresses offer more density and more support than ALL the other brands.


Our proprietary foam offers moisture regulation and is scientifically proven to be 4X dryer and cooler than the competition. Our technology’s open cell structure absorbs heat, creating a comfortable climate for the ideal sleep. Our exceptional tensile strength lessens the likelihood of tearing or cracking.


Our Belgian manufacturers have over 60 years of experience in the foam mattress industry. Our German-engineered mattresses have a support index 3x higher than conventional foam.

Reliability & Research

  • 52% of people list sleeping as their favourite part of the day
  • 34% of Canadians and 28% of Americans are dissatisfied with their current beds
  • Insomnia affects 60 million Americans

Meet Dr Chris

The CorrectSleep mattress was developed by Dr. Chris Oswald, a celebrated chiropractor with over 30 years of experience.

Dr. Chris is committed to helping people alleviate their pain and is a trusted resource and expert for many companies and individuals.

What other mattress developer has helped over 20,000 people relieve pain?

Dr Oswald

Neutral Spine Technology

Lower back pain affects 8 out of 10 people and is the #1 disability in the world. Soft beds provide inadequate support and create strain on your joints and muscles.

CorrectSleep’s premium ergonomic mattress provide more support in the middle of the body, allowing the spine to rest in a completely natural and stress-free posture.

Our neutral spine technology means there are no pressure points and sleeping in is easy! Neutral posture will change how you sleep and how you live.

Eco Friendly

  • All of our materials are non-GMO, which means no odours!
  • We are world leaders in low-emissions
  • Our mattresses are infant safe and biologically harmless

What are people saying?

“My wife and I are very active professionals with a love of cycling, running, squash and swimming. I’ve been a poor sleeper for decades, prone to waking up often, and stiff. I’ve tried everything. Recently we switched from our older temperpedic bed to a new player in this industry developed by a Chiropractic doctor. It’s so cool how you can adjust the two sides of the bed independently. We love it! The things I enjoy most: It’s set to firm, but still has a soft, cushy top, (2) We keep our room cold, but if doesn’t ever feel hard like the old one did when you first get in bed, and (3) The matching pillows are amazing. I strongly recommend.”

- Eric W.


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Prices INCLUDE appropriate taxes and shipping throughout Canada and the USA.

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Compression Shipping

Our manufactures developed the compression shipping technique and have gone over 20 years without any returns!

We ship our mattresses the right way, without damaging the cell structure of the foam. Our mattresses are rolled, not folded, and arrive at your door in a 5’ x 20” x 20” box.

Our foam is more than 50% stronger and Density means support and longevity. Density also means weight. The heavier the bed the better for your health.

Weighing in at 100 plus pounds, you can’t put these luxury premium beds on a bike!

Correct Sleep

100 Night Sleep Trial

CorrectSleep mattresses are GUARANTEED to give you the best night’s sleep AND alleviate back pain.

Enjoy our 100-night sleep trial.

All mattresses come with a 5-year warranty*.


Our team is waiting to help you

Please contact us to get more information on the CorrectSleep system

1-844-784-7246 OR 416 972-6279

The Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance
1 St. Clair Ave E, Suite #1001
Toronto, Ontario

*Warranty Information

The CorrectSleep mattress must follow one of the four set-up guidelines listed below. Failure to follow the CorrectSleep guidelines will void the 5-year warranty.

  1. Mattresses set up directly on the floor.
  2. Mattresses set up on a solid wood base, or modern style frame.
  3. Mattresses set up on a 1” MDF board on top of slats. Slats are not enough on their own.
  4. Mattresses set up on an existing box spring, provided a 1” MDF board covers the entire box spring.

CorrectSleep does not provide returns within the first fourteen days of delivery. Please allow two weeks for the body to adjust to your new mattress.